Dropshipping with No Upfront Cost

Selling on Facebook Marketplace made easy. You do the listing and selling, we do everything else. No store setup, no marketing cost, no inventory stocking. You don't pay a penny until you get sales. We also give you a free tool to manage products and orders, and even offer discount when you fulfill through us!

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No start-up money, no warehouse, no product, no marketing experience? No problem!


We are the one and only platform dedicated to Facebook Marketplace dropshipping.

Free Dropshipping Tool

Our Free FBDS dropshipping Chrome extension is like a team of faithful assistants that helps you source products, create listings, collect buyer information, batch fulfill your orders, and manage customer communication. It not only frees you from the day-to-day tedious operational work, but also boost your profit margin with FBDS exclusive discount.

Exclusive Fulfillment Discount

When you fulfill your orders using FBDS Chrome extension, you'll get extra price discount, which can easily boost your profit margin by a significant percentage. Plus, you can batch-fulfill your orders, where you make single payment to fulfill multiple orders with different shipping addresses.

Free Shipping Everything

Shipping is one of the biggest pain point for all dropshippers. Not anymore with FBDS our US-based warehouses. We offer reliable free shipping to lower 48 states. More importantly, USPS tracking codes will be available in one business day so that you'll never miss Facebook's 3-day window for marking orders as shipped.

Return, Replacement, and Refund Support

Getting return and refund support is not always easy for dropshippers. Unlike most dropshipping platform, we take care of you even after the products are shipped out. You'll be able to cancel your order before it ships out, or request for refund or replacement if there are issues with the product.

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"Life saver for anyone who is interested in dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace ... cut down my order processing time by at least 80%"


"FBDS finally makes dropshipping on Facebook a viable business ... it brings me a few grands each month with fairly minimal effort"


"Hands down the best dropshipping tool for Facebook Marketplace. I used to do dropshipping with Shopify store but this is so much simpler!"


"With FBDS, I spend on average 2 hours a day and add a couple of thousands bucks each month to the family ... No a bad deal for a stay-at-home mom, right?"

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