Experiencing sales drop on Facebook lately? Here are the things you should try.

Are you experiencing some serious drop in your sales lately on Facebook Marketplace? If yes, we have some suggestions for you.

If you've been dropshipping on Facebook since earlier this year, you might remember the good old days. Pretty much anything you listed on FBMP sells.  You were constantly bugged by messages asking about the products you sell. Getting 20 orders a day was like the bare minimum. If you spent reasonable amount of effort, you could get 50 or even 100 orders on a single day.

Then all of sudden, your listing stopped getting views, and things got really quiet. You started missing the hectic days.

Just to make you feel slightly better, you're not alone. This is happening to many of us lately.

Among all the major eCommerce platforms, FBMP is probably the weirdest one. It feels like it's powered by bunch of unnecessarily complicated and fast evolving algorithms that makes the whole platform obscure to sellers. But if you do it right, it could be the most profitable platform as it charges the least amount of fees and arguably is the most new-seller-friendly platform compared to others.

Through our numerous experiments and observations, we have discovered some "tricks", and it might get you back on track.

  • If you can, try to work with someone who hasn't been selling on Facebook but has an account that eligible for shipping. Fresh sellers tend to get more traffic and sales. I guess Facebook wants to give new sellers a sense of hope to keep them on the platform.
  • Remove the listings that doesn't get many views, wait for some days, and re-list them. Some listings are simply unlucky and got left on the forgotten land. If you see a listing get very few views after a day or two, there is no point to wait anymore. Just delete it and recreate a new one. But don't recreate it immediately, otherwise you might get even fewer views. The "dead" listings could negatively impact other listings under your account as well.
  • Set inventory availability low. For some reason, Facebook seems to give low inventory listings more views. When create a listing for a new product, always set it to 2 and see how it goes. If it doesn't get much traffic, try recreate the listing with inventory of 1. The downside of setting inventory to 1 is that you'll need to recreate the same listing again when it's sold.
  • Lower your price but add shipping cost. "Free shipping" doesn't seem to do much, as least for now. There is no "free shipping" indicator on your listing when it's shown in marketplace unless user clicks into it.
  • If possible, create your own image or at least edit your main image. Facebook determines duplicated products based on image. The product you sell might have already saturated the marketplace. If you can edit the main image a bit, like cropping or changing the text, it gives you a better chance to standout.
  • Don't go crazy. In earlier days, it was recommended to create as many listings as possible. But it seems that Facebook has made some adjustment to their algorithms. Now if you list too many products, especially if you do it during a short time period, you might hurt yourself. So take it slowly.
  • Find your rhythm and repeat this trimming-re-listing process. Everyday, remove those "dead" listings, and create (or recreate) a few more during different time of the day. This is like a continuous optimization process. Over time, you'll get more "good" listings and fewer "bad" listings, and your overall sales should improve. 

Unlike Amazon, where clear rules exist and you pretty much know what to do to get sales (which might be prohibitively costly for most small sellers, though),  it's much harder to figure out a winning strategy on FBMP. The tips above are based on what we've seen and heard so far. If you're not happy with your sales, give it a try and let's know how it goes.