FBDS Tutorial Series: Create Facebook Listing with FBDS Chrome Extension

Once you're done with Selecting Products to Sell, you're ready to create your very first product listing in Facebook Marketplace!

With FBDS Chrome extension, this would be much easier than what it seems to be. Check out the tutorial video below to learn the steps to create a Facebook Marketplace listing.

Please be sure to open the FBDS Chrome extension and log in Facebook first.

Go to Products page in FBDS Chrome extension, find the product you'd like to list, simply click List it, which opens up the product details in FBDS extension and the listing creation interface on Facebook at the same time.

Here you’ll need to add product photos, enter title, description, and other information.

Using the FBDS extension, click Download all images, you’ll be able to download all product images at once in a zip file.

Open the zip file and extract all images, drag and drop them onto Add Photos on Facebook. You may need to arrange the images a little bit to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Copy-n-paste title and description, set price, category, and condition. You may modify the title and description to add a bit personal touch and make it more accurate.

For availability, if you just start selling on Facebook, we suggest setting it at 2. Once it’s sold, add another one. This way you can be more active on Facebook. Being active will help you get more traffic and sales. You may add product tags to help potential buyers find your product. You may turn on Hide from friends so that your friends won’t see you’re selling something.

Click Next, here make sure you choose Shipping Only for delivery method.For shipping options, choose use your own shipping label, and 0 for shipping rate. Remember, all products sourced from FBDS Direct ship free.

Also make sure check Turn on “Free shipping” for this listing, which helps get more traffic and sales.

Click Next, here we suggest turning off allow offers, otherwise you might get too many requests from potential buyers asking for lower price.

When you’re done with all the steps, click publish. You’ll see the newly created listing at the top.

Remember to enter the listing URL into FBDS extension so that later on when orders coming in, the extension can guide you through the fulfillment process. To do this, click share button on the newly created listing, then copy link, and paste it into the listing URL field in FBDS extension, and click +Add.

Note that multiple listing URLs can be added to the same product. You can view all listings under a product in listing created tab.

Just repeat the same process and create more listings. The more listings you have, the more chances you’ll get sales.

Now you've listed your products on Facebook. Once they pass Facebook review, which normally takes from a few minutes to a few hours, your listings will officially go live and be seen by Facebook users. There is no need to spend extra money on advertising. You get free traffic from Facebook. All you need is to wait for the orders to show up.

Next, let's check out how to fulfill your orders via FBDS Chrome extension, which is also the most critical step in any dropshipping business.