FBDS Tutorial Series: Gather Order Data and Fulfill Them through FBDS in Batch, and with Discount

Once you’ve made some sales on Facebook, it’s time to fulfill the orders. This is the most important step in a drop shipping business!

With FBDS Chrome extension, not only you can easily fulfill your Facebook orders, you'll get following additional benefits as well:

  • Import order information and buyer address automatically.
  • Get FBDS exclusive discount when orders are fulfilled through our Chrome extension.
  • Batch fulfillment order payment, paying for multiple fulfillment orders at once, so that you don't have to make many payment transactions with different shipping addresses, which tends to trigger some red flag for credit card issuers.
  • USPS tracking code available within 1 business day
  • Cancellation, return, and refund support when things don't go as expected.

Check out the tutorial video below to see how FBDS chrome extension can help you manage and fulfill drop shipping orders with ease.

First open up the extension, go to orders page, click the link Open Orders Page to import order info at the top, it will open the shipping orders page in your browser and load order information automatically. When you see a green message on the top right of the webpage saying, "Order info loaded into FBDS", it means the order information has been collected. 

Please note that, due to the way Facebook user interface is implemented,  this step doesn’t actually load the buyer address information. You’ll need to click open each individual order to load buyers addresses. A message of “address loaded” will appear when it’s successfully loaded. 

Once orders are loaded, you’ll be able search orders by order number or buyer name. Using the dropdown filter, you can show the new orders only.  The next step is to fulfill these orders. 

Click into order details in the extension. If the product is sourced from FBDS Direct, you’ll get the direct fulfillment option. Click the button Fulfill Through FBDS Direct & Save button, you’ll be able to create a Fulfillment Order Draft, aka FOD.

If the buyers address has been loaded, the ship to address will be filled automatically. The first time you create a FOD, you’ll need to enter your billing address. It will be automatically filled in future.

Click Create FOD. Keep in mind that, at this point, it’s just an order draft and you haven’t paid anything. The order won’t really be fulfilled until you complete the payment later on. 

Following the same process, you can create another FOD for another order. When you’re done with creating FOD’s for all the new orders, now you can go ahead make the payment.

At the very top of orders page, you can see how many FODs have been created. Click there, you’ll be able to create a payment order for all the unpaid FODs.  With us, you can make a single payment to fulfill whole bunch of orders with different shipping addresses. 

Click complete payment button, you’ll be taken to Shopify payment portal, where you can complete your payment securely. Note that your sensitive payment information will be handled by Shopify directly and won’t be stored anywhere in our system. 

Once you complete your payment, the FODs will be gone, and the corresponding order status will change from FOD created to Fulfilled, fulfillment order placed.  (This process might take up to a few minutes)

Within 1 business day, you’ll get USPS tracking code for each fulfillment order, which you will need to enter into Facebook or the order will be canceled! See the next tutorial for directions.

Don't forget that you'll not all done yet. Once the tracking code is available, you'll need to mark the order as shipped on Facebook to complete the transaction within 3 days. Otherwise, Facebook would not release the fund to you. Please continue to the next tutorial on how to mark orders as shipped on Facebook