FBDS Tutorial Series: Mark Orders as Shipped on Facebook

Finally we're getting to the final step in order fulfillment!

For every order you've received on Facebook, you have 3 days to enter the tracking code and mark the orders as shipped. The tracking code has to be USPS, UPS, or Fedex tracking code, otherwise your order won't be competed and Facebook won't release fund to you.

Now let's check out how to complete this step in the tutorial video below.


Once the fulfillment order is shipped, you'll get an email notification from FBDS, and the tracking code will be automatically imported into FBDS chrome extension 

Keep in mind that you need to mark an order as shipped within 3 business days on Facebook, otherwise the order would be canceled by Facebook!

This is how you use the FBDS chrome extension to complete this process:  

First open up the extension, go to orders page, use the drop-down filter to show orders that are fulfilled, and fulfillment order shipped, click into order details. 

Here you can open the Facebook order detail page by click "Mark as Shipped" button. Note that the USPS tracking code for your fulfillment order is already imported here. Copy it and enter it on Facebook by clicking Mark it as shipped on Facebook. 

Once it's done, the order status in FBDS Chrome extension will be updated to "Shipped" automatically.

If you have gone this far, congratulations! You've successfully competed your first order on Facebook!

Here you can watch a playlist of all the video tutorials on Youtube.