FBDS Tutorial Series: Source Product within FBDS Chrome Extension

The very first step of dropshipping is to choose what products to sell. With FBDS Chrome extension, this can be done with just a few clicks.

Check out the tutorial video below to go over the steps to select your products and begin your new drop shipping business!

Before you follow this tutorial be sure to install the free FBDS Chrome extension. Once it's done, open up the FBDS Chrome extension by clicking the FBDS icon in your browser. It's recommended to pin it so that you can easily access the extension anytime you want.

The very first step is to choose your product. With FBDS, you get two options. You can source products from FBDS Direct, or from another Facebook marketplace listing.

To source products from FBDS Direct, first you’ll need to add it them My Products list. On the Add page, under FBDS Direct, search and choose the products you want to sell. Click Add to add them to My Products list.

You can go to FBDSDirect.com to browse, search, and add products there as well.

Now if you go to Products page, you’ll be able to see the added products showing up in My Products list. 

Congratulations! You've selected the products you'd like to sell on Facebook. Now let's take a look how to create Facebook Marketplace listings with FBDS Chrome extension