FBDS V 1.2.0 Released - Return And Replacement Made Easy!

Today we deployed a major release, V1.2.0, for our free FBDS Chrome extension!

With this release, you can now request for replacement or refund from within the Chrome extension. No more email back and forth anymore.

To request for a replacement or refund, simply go to the "Order Details" page, under "Fulfillment Order Details" section, you can find the corresponding button (see below).

Request for replacement or refund

Depending on your order status, what you're going to see might be slightly different. Specifically,

  • If you just placed the fulfillment order, and the fulfillment order hasn't been shipped yet, you can request for refund directly without going through any approval process. In that case, we simply stop sending the package out and refund you the fulfillment payment.
  • If the fulfillment order has been shipped, you'll need to fill in more information and open a case for the refund or replacement request. In that case, please provide as much information as possible to avoid getting delayed or declined. For example, if it's a defective product, it's always helpful to attached images that show the defect.

Please keep in mind that you'll need to refund your customer on Facebook before you can request for refund.

If an order has been refunded, you won't be able to request for another refund anymore.

If an order has been replaced, you may still request for another replacement in case the previous replacement has issues as well.

Release note