FBDS V 2.0.0 Released - All new Home page and Products page

All new FBDS Chrome extension V2.0.0 released!

This new version made a major change to the UI. When you open up the extension, the first page is now "Home", where you can find your sales statistics, key tasks, and new arrival products. It's much more friendly to new users, as dropshipping can be confusing for people without much experiences.

All new home page

Another major change introduced with this release is that we've combined previous "Add" and "Products" page into one page, the new "Products" page. Instead of add products, then list them. You can now create new listings without the explicit "add" step. It's much more intuitive and streamlined.

But the concept of "My Products" remains. You can "heart" a product to add it to "My Products". Listing a product will add it to "My Products" automatically. This way, you can still maintain a short list of products you're interested in selling.

New "Products" page

With these changes, we've created a series of new tutorial videos to help you better navigate the tool. You can check them out here

Other than these two major changes, we've also made multiple improvements to the extension. If you haven't install it, you can add it to your Chrome web browser here.

Release note