Why you should start a Facebook dropshipping business in 2021

Dropshipping has been getting increasingly challenging over time. 2021 could be even harder for dropshippers as the pandemic impacting every aspect of the global supply chain.

Nearly all dropshipping problems come down to two critical issues: getting cost effective traffic and reliable suppliers.

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For inexperienced dropshippers, it's never a good idea to do it on your own web store. It's because getting web traffic, especially effective web traffic that converts, can be overwhelmingly difficult for those who aren't familiar with online advertising. If you're not careful, you could be wasting large amount of money but getting little in return.

Instead, it would be much easier to start your dropshipping business on a platform where you can get FREE traffic. Established eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay have tons of traffic. However you'll be facing fierce competition on those platforms because they not only have huge pool of sellers, but also a winner-takes-all mechanism, where successful and established sellers are rewarded with more traffic (ever noticed that the top sellers in each category on Amazon don't change much?).

Why Facebook is different?

Like Amazon or eBay, Facebook Marketplace is a place where buyers and sellers meet and buy/sell things. But a few things differentiate it from other eCommerce platforms and make it much more friendly to newbie dropshippers.

On Facebook Marketplace, Everyone gets some free traffic.

Other eCommerce platforms have been there for years and evolved into an extremely efficient marketplace, meaning there is very little information asymmetry. What it means is that if you're selling something just a little bit more expensive than your competitor, or your product review is just a tiny bit lower than your competitor, it's almost guaranteed that your products will be ranked lower than your competitors. Everyone knows that the best place to hide a dead body is the 5th page in Amazon search result, because nobody will look there.

Because Amazon is so efficient as a marketplace, there is extremely strong positive-feedback-loop effect for successful sellers, or downward-spiral effect for new or unsuccessful sellers. The chance of a new seller to be successful on Amazon is very slim, let alone new dropshippers.

But Facebook is different, unlike Amazon, where shoppers discover products primarily through proactive search, Facebook feeds its users with information Facebook thinks they should see. In other words, what you can see in Marketplace is mostly determined by what Facebook thinks you should be seeing, which is based on what else you've seen/done on Facebook.

While it may not sound good for average Facebook users (what? Facebook decides what I can see?), for newbie dropshippers, this is actually good news. Because everyone is different, the products they get to see will be different as well, and there is very little winner-takes-all effect.

What it means is that, even if you're a nobody new seller with just a few products and zero sales record, you can still get some free traffic and sales. Since Facebook has plenty of traffic, as long as your product is not too shabby, you'll be surprised by the number of orders you'll receive, especially considering how little effort you need to put down.

You do have the option to run paid ads on Facebook to boost the traffic and sales you can get. However for new Facebook dropshippers, we don't suggest it because Facebook advertising can be quite overwhelming for those without experience.

Okay, I got it. But what about product selection, order fulfillment, return and refund, ...?

Well, that's what we're here for.

We know that inexperienced dropshippers have great challenge finding good suppliers, managing shipping, providing custom support when there are issues with the product or shipment.

Besides, the Facebook UI for sellers is not exactly easy to use, especially if you're dropshipping things. For example, there is no search available. If a buyer asks you a question and you want to find the corresponding order, you'll have to click open each individual order and search it with your naked eyes. This is particularly painful for dropshippers as you need to maintain the mapping between orders and the corresponding fulfillment links.

The tools and services we offer are exactly for these problems. Actually we're the only one on the market specifically supports Facebook dropshipping activities.

Our free FBDS Chrome extension is a truly all-in-one tool for Facebook dropshippers. You can do product sourcing, listing creation, automated order info collection,  one-click order fulfillment, and batch payment, all within the extension. It's kind like a small team of business assistants working for you so that you can focus on other more important things.

Sounds intriguing? Let's see how the tool works in action and start your Facebook dropshipping business today.