You do the selling, we do everything else. How FBDS helps you succeed in Facebook dropshipping.

Facebook Marketplace is growing fast as a new eCommerce platform. Everyone with a Facebook account can buy there, and everyone with an eligible Facebook account can sell there. Compared to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, it's much easier to start selling on Facebook. There is no registration required, no store needed, no monthly fee to pay. With more than 200 million users in US, it has enormous opportunity for everyone who wants to venture into dropshipping business

While the barrier of enter is extremely low, quite a few pain points need to be addressed before you can make it a viable business.

First, what to sell?
Finding products to sell isn't always easy. Probably more important than figuring out a "winning" product, a reliable supplier is even more critical. Dropshipping is inherently risky because you're selling something you don't actually own. If your supplier isn't reliable in terms of inventory level or pricing, you might have hard time fulfilling your order and run into customer satisfaction issues, or fulfilling at loss due to price fluctuation.

How to fulfill orders?
The next challenge for dropshipping is fulfillment. When you receive orders on Facebook, you'll need to order the products from your suppliers. Is your supplier dropshipping friendly? Do you get discount from your supplier? Some eCommerce platforms or credit card issuers block frequent transactions with different shipping address and treat it as a sign of fraud. Dropshipping from those platforms would not be scalable as you will need to place many orders with different shipping addresses.

What about post-sales services, if any?
This is probably the most difficult issue to deal with for any dropshipper. What if the product your customer receives has defect? What if your customer wants to return it? Would your supplier refund you if you refund your customer?

Facebook is not making it easy either. You can't even search orders by name or order number, or add notes to orders on Facebook. Simply finding a customer's order can be a frustrating process.

How FBDS can help?
FBDS is specifically designed to support dropshipping business model and is laser focused on solving these issues so that you, as a dropshipper, can have peace of mind when you sell. We even built a free Chrome extension tool for you that covers every aspect of your dropshipping workflow and can significantly improve your efficiency.

We're backed by large number of manufactures around the world so that you can get a reliable supply of products. You'll get warning when certain product is running low so that you get plenty of time to make adjustment. 

With our free Chrome extension tool, you can research and choose products within it. When you fulfill via the tool, we even offer extra discount and allow you to fulfill orders in batch (making single payment to fulfill multiple orders) so that you'll never get blocked by your card issuer.

The tool also gives you the ability to search orders by order information, and add notes to orders that you need to follow up, much better than what you can get from Facebook directly.

When things don't go as planed and you have to issue refund to your customers, we'll make sure you're taken care of by issuing refund to you (as long as you refund rate is reasonable).

Now you know how FBDS can help you start your Facebook dropshipping business and scale it up over time. Wait no more, install our free Chrome extension tool now and start selling.