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--Extend the shock cycle and other replacement cycles.--3 hole design to improve the balance of the frame.--Environmental protection significantly reduces noise in the form.--Practical and effective to increase the load of the car.--Safety Effectively shorten the braking distance.--Note: Measure the size of your car before you buy it.You can also ask us about details.


Product Name: Car Shock Absorber


A size: spring clearance: 47mm, spring thickness: 13mm, spring diameter: 173mm

B size: spring clearance: 35mm, spring thickness: 13mm, spring diameter: 160mm

D size: spring clearance: 23mm, spring thickness: 10mm, spring diameter: 113mm

C size: spring clearance: 27mm, spring thickness: 10mm, spring diameter: 131mm

F size: spring clearance: 12mm, spring thickness: 15mm, spring diameter: 120mm

E size: spring clearance: 15mm, spring thickness: 9mm, spring diameter: 112mm

Installation method: 1. Use the jack to lift the wheel up (as when replacing the tire), most cars do not have to disassemble the wheel.

2: Wipe the shock absorbing spring with clean water (to wipe it many times) to ensure the spring is clean, no gravel, and the gravel will reduce the life of the shock absorber.

3: Apply soaked soap to the shock absorbing spring, apply the soaked soap in the groove of the strong buffer; wash your hands and put the strong buffer into the spring (first install the groove, then install it) Slots, you can also install half of the upper and lower slots, then rotate to install the rest until the springs are all in the slots.

4: Finally, after installation, hold Shuka with both hands and turn the gap to the middle of the inner side. Use the middle finger of both hands to measure the distance from Shuka to the fender. The middle finger of both hands can be put in for the best, touch it by hand. Make sure the springs are in the slots and you can drop the body.

Note: 1. The strong buffer should be installed in the middle of the shock absorber spring as much as possible;

2: Do not use tools when installing: The distance between the shock absorbing springs is a problem to be paid attention to when installing the shock absorbing buffer. What the user has to grasp is that "the distance between the damping springs is equal to the height of the shock absorber."

3: Please measure the size of your car before buying.

Packing list:

2*Car Shock Absorber

Note: Due to manual measurements, there may be 1-3 cm difference. The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.

Please tell us first when you have any problem, we will give you the best service and solve the problem ASAP. Thank you so much.

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