Copper A5036 Battery Terminal Connector Clamp Quick Release Adjust Disconnect Clip


Color: Silver
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Copper tin plated terminals with SS bolts and aluminum lever.Extra connections for accessories.fter installing battery, connects to the battery posts by pressing down the lever, so no tools needed.Perfect for boats, trailers, and other vehicles that stand long time without use.


Item type:Connector Clamp

Product material: pure copper
Product properties: Battery battery clamps, battery terminal connectors
Product color: Silver
Whether it contains magnetic: No
Positive: 17.5 mm positive
Negative pole: 15.9mm negative pole
Wire diameter: 5.2-7.4mm diameter (AWG specification 1-4) or 16-35mm² wire
Minimum wire size: 16mm (5/8in)
Product use: connecting battery and battery cable
Installation position: car battery bolt post
Application:Applicable to round post car battery SAE/JISA type post, small boats, trailers and other vehicles
Product features: corrosion resistance, with purple copper terminals have good electrical conductivity

Packing list:

Positive Battery Terminal Connector Clamp*1pc,negative Battery Terminal Connector Clamp*1pc, Copper Terminal*4pcs,black leather cover * 2pcs, red * 2pcs

Note: due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.

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