Luminous Hip-Hop Baseball Cap Glow In The Dark Night Green Light TFBOYS


Color: skull
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Is Hat always shine? Subject to natural light, incandescent light and ultraviolet radiation, store energy, after the stop light, slowly released in the form of fluorescenceHow long can shine? Absorb highlight 5-15 minutes, can light 30 to 60 minutes.What material is lighting? Luminescent material is light energy storage luminous powder.The Characteristic is does not contain any radioactive materials, non-toxic, harmless, not burning, not containing phosphorus, lead and other harmful elements or chemicalsWhat is light to energy storage luminous powder? Is a new type of rare earth aluminate salts material.Light color is light green and light yellow, has a strong absorption ability to short-wave under 450 nm wavelength visible lightBy absorbing all kinds of natural or artificial light, realized in the self-luminous function under the dark state, and can be recycled .



Adjustable hood:58c

light color:green

net weight:97g

Package include: 1 x luminous Cap

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