GECKO 8 Keys Finger Kalimba Thumb Piano Portable Beginners Keyboard Marimba Wood Musical Instrument

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Color: Peach core [K-8CM]
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Thumb piano is in small size, easy to carry. When it is the sunset, people would like to use it for singing accompaniment or stories telling accompaniment.While people will bring it to spend their leisure time along the long walking way.


Item type:Kalimba

Color: peach core K-8CM, camphor wood K-8CA
Tip: Long lanyard and short lanyard are shipped in random colors
Brand: GECKO
Size: 10.5*7.5*6.5cm
Material: camphor / mahogany

Package Include:

Kalimba*1,Tuning hammer*1, long lanyard*1 (random color), short lanyard*1 (random color), velvet bag*1, simple Music score *1


The tone has been adjusted at the factory, but because of bumps and climate changes on the road, customers may need to adjust the tone a little.

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