Sades Official Vibrating HD 7.1 Gaming Headset with Removable Noise Cancelling Mic (Shaker)


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The SADES UPGRADED official "SHAKER" uses 7.1 surround sound channels and a unique vibration setting that makes in-game sounds and music so real, you think you're actually there inside the action. The SADES SHAKER introduces the ability to exclusively control the volume on your gaming headset - leaving the computer volume alone - with the special wheel installed in the ear cup. In addition, there are 2 buttons to activate the vibration and to mute the headset. Ultimate comfort is achieved with the SADES SHAKER. Ear cups that cover your entire ear are installed with luxuries comfortable leather. Clear communication is a big necessity when it comes to gaming, which is why The SADES SHAKER is built with a noise canceling microphone to ensure that your voice is heard 100% with no background noise. Built with high quality material for longer lasting use and braided fiber cable that's almost up to 10 feet long, durability is not a problem when it comes to The SADES SHAKER. So what are you waiting for? Next gen gaming is here, and it starts with The SADES SHAKER! Video is available at SADES.US

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