How It Works

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where you, as a seller, don’t keep the products in stock. Instead, when you sell a product using the dropshipping model, you purchase, or fulfill, the item from a third party and have it shipped directly to your customer. As a result, you don’t have to handle the product directly.

Most dropshipping services/tools focus on the information flow, i.e. helping dropshippers find products, list them, gather order information, and help them fulfill the orders. But in the end, they're not the suppliers behind the products. When things don't go as expected such as defective product, lost package, they can't offer much help.

FBDS Direct is first and foremost a product supplier. What you get from us is not just awesome (and free) software tools, it's the full end-to-end online selling support. You get exclusive discount, free shipping, and product return/refund support. You won't get any of these from other services.

Oh and by the way, we're the only platform focusing on Facebook dropshipping support.

There is zero usage cost.

Of course you still need to pay to fulfill your orders (after you get sales on Facebook). Other than that, you pay nothing. We give you our Chrome extension tool for free. We offer free shipping for everything you fulfill from us. Return/refund support is free as well.

All you need is to add our free Chrome extension to your web browser. Note that your browser need to be Google Chrome, or Chrome-based (such as Opera or Microsoft Edge).

From the extension window, you can choose product to sell, list them on Facebook Marketplace, and fulfill your orders within the extension. The only time you need to leave the extension is when you make payment for your fulfillment orders, where you'll be directed to FBDS Direct payment portal (powered by Shopify) and complete your payment.

Check out our tutorial for more details.



Yes, you heard it right. Everything sourced from us gets free shipping to lower 48 states in USA.

Currently no. We only ship to lower 48 states in USA for free.

It depends. For package shipped from our US warehouses, it normally takes 3-7 days to arrive. For packages shipped from outside of our US warehouses, it usually takes around 10 business days. Products with batteries tends to take longer time due to additional inspection.

We use primarily USPS as our shipping carrier.

Yes. For all packages, regardless from our US warehouses or non-US warehouses, we'll provide USPS tracking code within 1 business day. This should give you plenty of time to mark it as shipped on Facebook.

In addition, you'll get email notification when tracking code is available, order is out for delivery, and order gets delivered.

Return, Refund, Replacement, and Cancellation

Yes you can.

We stand behind all products source from us. If your customer requests for return, just contact us with your fulfillment order details, and proof of the refund you issued to your customer. We'll give you a detail instruction on how to handle your customer's return request and issue a refund on the corresponding fulfillment order.

As long as your return/refund rate is not out of ordinary, we'll refund you on the corresponding fulfillment order. Just contact us with fulfillment order detail and proof of the refund you issued to your customer, we'll sort it out for you.

In case your customer asked for a replacement, just contact us with fulfillment order details and proof of your customer's request, we'll send out a replacement to your customer and update you with the tracking code.

For cancellation, there are a few different scenarios.

If the cancellation happens before you placing a fulfillment order, you can just accept the cancellation request on Facebook and re-import orders to capture the updated status. It won't be counted towards your return/refund rate.

If you've already placed the fulfillment order, please contact us as early as possible so that we can cancel your fulfillment order promptly. If it's canceled before the order is shipped out, it won't be counted towards your return/refund rate.

If the cancellation happens after the order being shipped out, it will be treated as a refund request, which will be counted towards your return/refund rate.

Yes. For each dropshipper, we maintain a stats of the return/refund percentage. If we see a dropshipping's percentage of return/refund requests is unusually high, we reserve the right to decline his/her requests.


We don't actually store any of your payment information. When you pay us through Shopify payment portal, all sensitive payment information are handled by Shopify system, which has been tested for years and trusted by millions of eCommerce websites around the world.

Unfortunately, we can't offer help for Facebook account issues.

Currently only US Facebook accounts can sell on Facebook marketplace, and not everyone can offer shipping for their listings. Facebook doesn't publish a clear rule regarding which account is eligible for Marketplace selling. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

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