10Pcs/Set 1W LED Super Bright Lamp Beads Night Light for Flashlight Stage Yard Bulb


Color: Warm white 3000K
Size: 1W
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-- Top-ranking material, with high lumens, highr light efficiency, long-lasting.-- Brightness LED chip, high heat conduction, low light decay, long life service.-- Uniform light output, no color spot, stable performance, simple assembly, easy application.-- Suitable for ceiling lamp, downlight, stage lamp, projection lamp, flashlight, bulb lamp, etc.


Item type: Lamp beads

Light color: warm white 3000K, white 6000K, red light 620-625nm, blue light 455-460nm, green light 520-525nm, yellow light 588-595nm, full spectrum 380-840nm
Product voltage: red light, yellow light (2.0-2.2v), blue light, green light, full spectrum (3.2-3.4v)
Lumens: blue light (25-30 lumens), red light (40-50 lumens), yellow light (40-50 lumens), green light (70-80 lumens), full spectrum (100-110 lumens), white light, warm white light (100-110 lumens)
Lamp bead power: 1W
Product size: 15x8x7.3mm
Number of LED lamp beads: 1
Color index: 75
Lamp body material: copper bracket, gold thread

Package Include:

10 * Lamp Bead


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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