5.5in Vise Jaws Milling Vise Jaw Clamps with Magnetic Nylon Vise Pad


Color: Bench vise magnetic protection strip (2 / set)
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One side has a v-shaped groove in the horizontal direction, and the other side has a v-shaped groove in the vertical direction and 45 degrees.For objects with concave and convex shapes, they can also be closely fitted for fixing. Strong magnetic, easy to install on the vise.Purpose: to protect the screw rod from damage when it is fixed on the vise.


Item type: tool

Packing: bag

Weight: 165 g

Usage: install in the vise, make the screw screw stuck in the groove of the protection bar, clamp the vise. Screw in a fixed state, one can be independent screw maintenance.

Packing list:

1 set Magnetic Vise Pad(2pcs/set)


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