5 Pin & 11 Pin Micro USB HDMI 1080P HD TV Cable Adapter for Android Phone


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USB 5-pin & 11-pin adapter cable MHL to HDMI 1080P adapter.Compact adapter to your phone's video, picture output to high-definition TVs, monitors, projectors play.Support for audio: 192KHz compatible with the latest standard 7.1-channel LPCM (linear pulse code modulation) surround sound and compressed audio.From portable devices to TVs and monitors that can display quality up to 1080p / 60.As long as your phone supports MHL function, you can use.


Item type HDMI Adapter Cable

Core material: Bare copper wire

Color:Black/ White

Length of cable: (Approx)180cm/70.9"

Transmission speed: 1080p (MBPs)

Interface: Micro USB to HDMI

Resolution: 1920x1080 / 60Hz full format Full HD

USB Interface: 5-pin, 11-pin

Simple to use, put your phone through an adapter, HDMI high-definition signal transmission line and connected display devices, using the phone's data cable to the system power before normal use.Audio / video devices provide 5 volts and 500 milliamps, to continuously provide power and charge portable devices.
Suitable for Android phone.

Package Include:

1x HDMI Adapter Cable


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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