50pcs Red Worms Fishing Lures Artificial Soft Fishing Bait 1.4inches(3.5cm)


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They wear easy to put on our hook, and didn't tear.Fishy smell attracts fish to bite. Wonderful tools for fishing lovers.Suitable for different kinds of fishes.Hang them up to fishing hook and they will be vivid in water.50Pcs soft baits for fishermen.


Red worms fishing lures (Artificial fishing bait)

Color: red

Weight:0.2 g

Length: 1.4inches/3.5cm

Package include:50pcs Red Worms


1. as the size of the hook, the best cut with scissors for two,

fish easier to suction, better palatability!

2. to make a lot of funny, so that bait alive!

3. to put on the bait to open the hook tip, convenient to pierce the fish mouth,

bait fishing similar to the lead head hook hook soft worm!

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