6 Color Breathing Lamp DPI 6 File Adjustment Photoelectric Wired Gaming Mouse


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Quick thumb function (forward, back button and breath light).Adjusting DPI:6-speed adjustment,1000/1600/2400/3200/5500/9200 DPI, 1000 DPI red light flash 3 times,1600 orange,2400 green,3200 light blue,5500 blue,9200 purple.Double click: click one time equal to 2 left click.At the bottom there are 8 counterweight, you can change the weight of the mouse by disassembly.8 Buttons (Left/Right/Mid/Forward/Backward/DPI/Fire Key\Light Mode Switch),Forward and backward buttons assist to browse webpage and fire key helps to win games at ease.




Product size: 130*81.5*39.8mm

Chip: the original phase

Key number: 8 keys

Tracking system: Optics

USB cable length : 1.8m Braided wire+ Magnetic ring

Operating voltage / current: 5V/100mA

Button life: 8 million times

Wheel life: 1 million and 200 thousand rpm

Product weight: 160+/-5 grams (with 220 grams of packaging)

Counterweight:8 (a total of 23 grams)

Resolution: 1000 (red) -1600 (Orange) -2400 (green) -3200 (light blue) -5500 (blue)-9200(Purple) DPI

Rate of return: 500Hz

Frame rate: 6666fps

Image processing: 2 million and 410 thousand pixels per second

Maximum acceleration: 23G

Support system: Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP/ NT/win 7/ win 8/ Mac OS and other OS

Note:Please remove the foot pad protective film before use!

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