ANGRYFISH Diominate PE X8 Fishing Line 500M/547YDS 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line Multifilament Line Black


Color: 4.0#:0.33mm-50LB
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Advanced wide angle technology - the smooth super line.Improved color fastness, long and fast casting - smoother than ever.Super sensitivity - instant feel for structure and strikes, exceptional strength and toughness.Can be used for river, reservoir pond, ocean beach fishing, lake, ocean boat.

Brand: Angryfish
Line type: Braided Line
Material: High Density Polyethylene
Meters: 500M/547YDS
Weaves: 8 Weaves

Line Number, Diameter, Break Strength
Line Number 0.8#:0.15mm/18LB/8.18KG
Line Number 1.0#:0.16mm/20LB/9.09KG
Line Number 2.0#:0.23mm/30LB/13.63KG
Line Number 3.0#:0.28mm/40LB/18.18KG
Line Number 4.0#:0.32mm/50LB/22.72KG
Line Number 6.0#:0.40mm/60LB/27.27KG
Line Number 8.0#:0.50mm/80LB/36.36KG

Shape: Level
Color: Black
Suitable: Saltwater/Freshwater
Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Ocean Boat Fishing,stream,Ocean Rock Fshing
Package List: 1 * Fishing Line

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