Biochemical Ball with Cotton Large Bio-Bacteria Bacillus Spheroid Fish Bowl Biochemical Filter Material 16mm


Color: 46mm cotton
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It is a plastic material made of hollow spheres, its surface area is large, can be a large number of attached nitrifying bacteria.Water flow will not produce resistance, the hollow structure can be water into a small stream, and large pieces of dirt crushed, the filter effect is excellent.As the biological ball light weight, easy to carry, it can not only be used in seawater biochemical filtration system, but also in fresh water biochemical filtration system.


Item type: Biochemical Ball

Scope of application: water tank

Specification: 36mm with cotton, 46mm with cotton, 56mm with cotton, 76mm with cotton

Whether there is cotton: containing cotton

Material: PVC plastic with cotton

Packing list:

1xBiochemical Ball


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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