C2 Mini Vacuum Cleaner Usb Portable High Power And Powerful Desktop Household Car Capsule Vacuum Cleaner


Color: Desktop capsule vacuum cleaner
Size: black
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Long service life: the built-in 900mAh lithium battery can continue to work in 20 minutesEasy to use: mini size, can be used when picked up, round appearance, easy to holdSeparation dust bin design: the garbage can is separated from the wind blade, which is safe and harmless. Movable transparent dust collection container, easy to remove, no residueSelf contained bristles: soft and dense bristles, meticulous cleaning, deep cleaning of table corners and keyboard grooves. Remove dust thoroughly

Product Category:Mini vacuum cleaner
Material: ABC
Color: black/green/white/pink
Rated voltage: 5
Rated input power: 6
Vacuum suction power: 1000
Product suction: 1000pa
Charging time: 2~2.5h (5V/1A)
Battery capacity: 900mAh
Rated voltage: 4.2V
Rated power: 6w
Battery life:> 20 minutes
Volume: <70dB
Charging port: USB Type C
Main application scope: desktop, car, bedroom
1. Cute and colorful mini capsules, which can easily stimulate children's interest at home.
2. Strong noise suction, low noise, pressurized airflow and 1000Pa concentrated suction can completely clean the desktop, completely eliminate garbage (pencil crumbs, eat bread crumbs, paper pieces, remove crumbs).
3. Microporous filter keeps children away from dust: 200 mesh filter screen can filter dust as small as 0.063mm. Effectively reduce the inhalation of particulate matter and care for children's respiratory tract.
4. It only takes 20 minutes to clean the desk, using the built-in 900mAh lithium battery, it can continue to work within 20 minutes. Once and for all, never let your baby do half
[Note: A USB charging cable is included).
5. Mini size, just pick up and suck, as small as a can of Coke. Round appearance, easy to hold.
6. Separate dust bin design, trash can and wind blade are separated, safe and harmless. Removable transparent dust collection container, easy to remove, no residue.
7. Soft and dense bristles, clean the table corners and keyboard grooves in a meticulous, deep clean. Dust thoroughly
1 * packing box
1 * data cable
1 * vacuum cleaner
1 * accessories
Note:All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.

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