Classic 4 Band Acoustic Guitar Pickup Pre-amp 1/4' Output Pick-up Equalizer


Color: EQ-7545R
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EQ 7545R pick-up equalizer system with 4 bands can be easily fitted into your acoustic guitar and it is essential to electrify and amplify their sound.Under the saddle pickup for acoustic guitar.Pre-wired for easy assembly.4 bands plus volume control.Supplied with a battery box, Low battery indicator.Connecting wire with 2.5mm plug included.


Item type:Guitar Pickup

Suitable for musical instruments: classical guitar, acoustic guitar
Tip: Do not ship the battery (9v)
Power: 9V
Model: EQ-7545R
Material: plastic, etc.

Package Include:

Pickup*1, pickup stick*1, screw*4, metal ring pad*1, 6-sided nut*1, sticker*1


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