D69-2049 Ac 80-300v Digital Ammeter Voltmeter Volt Amp Power Kwh Frequency Factor 100a Ct


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Electric parameter measurement function (voltage, current, Frequency).Full display function of large screen LCD (display voltage, current, Frequency at the same time).


Item type:Digital meter

Size: 7.9*4.3*4.8cm
Packing size: 9*4.5*5cm
Voltage measurement range: AC 80.0~300.0V
Current measurement range: AC 0A~99.99A, current display resolution is 0.01A, when it is greater than 100A, it will display 100.0A
Active power range: when the "display range" is in the range of 0-10000W, the power display range is: 0-9999.9W; when the "display range" exceeds 10000W, the power display range is: 10000-22000W
Power range: when the "display range" is in the range of 0-10000KWH, the power display will display 9999.999; above 10KWH, the power display will display 00000.99KWH; the maximum display will be 9999999KWH
Power frequency: 45.0 Hz-65.0 Hz
Power factor: 0.00--1.00 pf
Accuracy: 1%+-2 words
Measurement speed: 2 times/sec
Working temperature: -10℃~ 50℃
Working humidity: 10~80% (without cream)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa
Direct sunlight: No

Packing list:

Digital meter*1, Manual*1, Packing box*1


The voltage input (green) terminal and the current transformer secondary input (blue) terminal must not be wired incorrectly, otherwise the instrument will be damaged
This instrument is only suitable for AC 50-60HZ mains. It cannot be used for square wave, inverter output and correction sine wave circuit measurement, otherwise the instrument will be damaged

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