DragonPad Hair Rollers - high-speed changing hair curlers Styling Rollers (16 Hair Rollers)


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Instant perm or ringlet curls! These are do-it-yourself, very easy to use hair rollers that give you beautiful curls. 18 Hair Rollers in a package along with the hair feeding tool. There are two different lengths; the long one is over 13" and the short one is over 7" in length. Flexible braid is knitted by unfiled PET whose diameter is 0.25MM,The size of webmaster not only can be enlarged to 150% of the Original size but also can easily tighten the various irregular objects. In the large temperature range, webmaster will keep soft; restrain chemical corrosion, ultraviolet rays and friction. It can be inhibit chemical corrosion, UV and friction. The unique net also has good ventilation effect and heat dissipation. The product surface is smooth, color is bright, Material: Polyethylene Product Features 1.Easy installation 2.High tensile strength 3.Anti-friction 4.Expandable to 150% 5.Without halogen 6.By SGS, UL, RoHS certification 7.Maximum diameter of up to 3 inches 8.Operating temperature range -103 ¡ã F to 257 ¡ã F (-75 ¡ã C to 125 ¡ã C) 9.Dissolution temperature of 446 ¡ã F (230 ¡ã C) Package includes: 1x Hair Roller wand 9x Small size Curlers (Color comes in random) 9x Large size Curlers

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