High-Quality Silicone Swimming Cap, Super Elastic & Durable Swimming Cap for Adult, Ear Protection Swim Cap/Swim Cap for Long Hair,2 Pack


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THREE SETS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE: Ear protection swim cap(black+blue) / Ear protection swim cap(red+pink) / Swim cap for long hair(purple+black). Greatly satisfying different needs of different people.
PREMIUM-QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL: 100% secure, non-toxic, tasteless and UV protective, effectively preventing chlorine from contacting your scalp and hair and providing a superior protection for you.
EAR PROTECTION SWIM CAP: Set with big ear pocket, which can fully cover your ears in order to better protect your ears from chloride, sand, and bacteria in the water. You no longer have to worry that the water will go into your ears when swimming.
SWIM CAP FOR LONG HAIR: Specially designed for women with long hair, large enough for your long hair. And with superior elasticity, it can better fit your head size and protect your hair without getting wet or getting hurt.
SUPER ELASTICITY: Saying goodbye to deformation since the swim cap can stretch considerably without weakening. Convenient and easy for you to put on or take off.


1. Anti-slip design, effectively avoiding the swim cap slipping when swimming.
2. Thickening cap edge, making the swim cap hard to tear and  Increasing its durability.
3. The swim cap does a perfect job of keeping sealed up and making your hair came through unscathed.
4. The ear protection swim cap fits very comfortably with room for your ears.
5. Waterproof, better protecting your hair or ears and keep dry.

Material: Environmental protection silicone
Ear protection swim cap
Weight: 75±2g
Size: 22.5*20*22.5cm
Swim cap for long hair 
Weight: 60±2g
Size: 26*20*19.5cm

Package Include:
Set G: 1* Black  Ear Protection Swim Cap 
            1* Blue  Ear Protection Swim Cap 

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