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Remove chlorine and other heavy metal impurities to make the water taste healthy and sweet.Adsorption of organic compounds, toxic metal ions and harmful bacteria.Removal of toxic and harmful substances, sterilization and bacteriostasis, can reduce alkalinity.PVC non-woven filter layer, filter iron slag, sediment, suspended solids and visible impurities.


Item type: Water Filter

Size: 5.5 cm high and 4 cm wide
Material:Bamboo Charcoal, PVC Rubber, Zeolite, Carbon Applicable: Small mouth diameter for all kinds of nozzles (16 ~ 19 mm)

Package includes:

1 * Water Filter


Blackwater will flow out at the beginning of the work. This is due to activated carbon powder. It can be used normally in 5-10 seconds.

Avoid long-term use in hot water, preferably at 50 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the water quality, we recommend that it be replaced every two months.

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