Label Maker Tape 9mm 3D Embossing Manual Operation Suitable for DYMO1610 Motex1540 Stickers Printer


Color: 9mm black 3d-325
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It can be printed normally on all label machines, please rest assured to choose! Compatible with DYMO12813, 12814, 1610, 1540, 1535, 1575, 17266, MOTEX, 5500A, 5500B and other manual labeling machines.Excellent durability:When the label is cut from the dispenser, there is a small additional label that can be easily pulled off the backing paper. It is resistant to water, oil, grease, milder solvents, even high temperature and high humidity, and can withstand sunlight without fading or peeling.

Name: Labeling Maker Tape
Material: PET
Printing form: manual
Product name: 3D embossed manual label tape 9mm
material: plastic
Size: 9mm x 3m
Packing: 5PK 3D embossed tape
Product color: red/yellow/blue/transparent/green/silver/black/etc.
Packing list:
Label Maker Tape 9mm * 1 (3m)
(1) When printing, the intensity should be uniform, otherwise it may be unclear or transferred.
(2) Please stick the label on a clean and smooth surface.
(3) When sticking the label, please fix one side of the label and press the whole label hard to keep the paste lasting.
Note: All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, the color deviation is subject to actual system configuration.

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