Maple Wooden Violin Size 4/4 Lightweight Excellent Sound Violin Perform Instrument

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The violin bridge plays an important role in vibration transmission between strings and fingerboard. And it is held in place by pressure and proper placement without glue. The violin bridge is evenly lined up with the fingerboard, and stands straight up, perpendicular to the violin.If your violin bridge has become warped or you feel uncomfortable adjusting it, please order our 4/4 High Quality Maple Violin Bridge which is made from maple for yourself to play beautiful songs.

Name: Violin
Material: Maple
Dimensions: (1.97 x 1.57) inch / (5 x 4)cm (L x W)
Weight: 0.11oz / 3g
Size: 4/4
1. New and high quality
2. This is a piece of uncut violin bridge which needs to be cut to fit your violin
3. Light weight
4. Fit for 4/4 violins
5. Made of high quality maple with excellent performance
Packing list:
1 x High Quality Violin Bridge 4/4
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