[Only Support Drop Shipping] Bear 14 Egg Capacity Hard Boiled Egg Cooker, Rapid Electric Egg Boiler Maker Poacher For Hard Boiled Scrambled Omelets Poached Eggs


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FAMILY SIZED MEALS: Cook up to 14 eggs at once, and easily meet your cooking needs by double-tier steamer rack design. This product keeps each cooked egg in perfect shape and makes it easier to shell.ONE-BUTTON OPERATION: Just press a button to cook! No timer or programming is required. The measuring cup can accurately measure the amount of water required for soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. Once the water has completely evaporated and the eggs are cooked, the indicator light and the egg cooker will automatically turn off. Please contact us for a more detailed e-manual.SAFE TO USE: Over-temperature sensing prevents overcooking. Food-grade high-temperature resistant PP cover and stainless steel heating plate. Safe for children.MULTI-FUNCTION: In addition to the hard boiled eggs, This egg cooker Can also be used to cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, steamed vegetables, seafood, and other food items.

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Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 inches
Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
Package of Bear Egg Maker:
1 * One-Button Base
1 * Transparent Steamer and Lid
2 * Egg Boiling Trays
2 * Poaching Trays
1 * Stainless Steel Omelet Tray
1 * Measuring Cup with Piercer
1 * User Manual
Steam Circulation: This small egg boiler circulates steam for perfect cooking and shuts off automatically when done. Perfect home appliance for family.
Measuring Cup: Features measuring cup to give an accurate measurement for water in soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. More details in water volume will be listed in manual. Use the piercer to prevent the shell from cracking while the egg cooks. Safety enough.
One Button Operation: Just press the button to start the egg cooker with an indicator light. Press the button again, the egg cooker will turn off. Convenient and easy to use.
Warm Tips:
The heating plate will automatically shut off when the water boils dry. Simply press a button to stop cooking in time to avoid potential safety hazards.
Warm Tips:
1.Please turn off the egg cooker when it is finished. When the water runs out, overheating and low water protection will make it automatically shuts off. But it will work again when it is cool down. It’s safe to switch off the egg boiler.
2.Advice to add the vinegar or lemon and boil water to clean the limescale for 10 minutes once two or three weeks.
3.Keep the heating plate dry after using for better storage and not rusty.
4.Put the hot eggs into the cool water is more easier for peeling.
How to Boiling Eggs:
1. Firstly, remove the lid and then take out the egg tray and poachers from the egg cooker.
2. According to the desired consistency of the eggs to be cooked (soft, medium or hard boiled eggs). Use the measuring cup to adjust the accurate water pouring into the heating plate.
3. Prepare the number of eggs to be cooked (up to 14 eggs at most). Use the egg piercer to create a small hole in the larger end of each egg and then place them securely into the egg tray holes.
4. Place the cover on to the egg boiler, plug in and switch on the egg cooker at the mains power supply.
5. Once the water has completely evaporated and the eggs are cooked, the indicator light and egg cooker will automatically switch off.
6. Turn the power off after the cooking process has finished. Carefully remove the eggs because they will have become hot during the cooking process.

Product Name:[Only support Drop Shipping] Bear 14 Egg Capacity Hard Boiled Egg Cooker, Rapid Electric Egg Boiler Maker Poacher for Hard Boiled Scrambled Omelets Poached Eggs

Main Material:Plastic

Main Color:White

Product Type:General Item

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