USB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Audio Music Stereo Adapter Dongle Receiver For TV PC


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product descriptionThe V5.0 Bluetooth adapter is the latest Bluetooth adapter product on the market. It is equipped with a USB2.0 interface to cope with the current data and audio data communication between the PC and various Bluetooth devices.Adopt BARROT regular original chip: BR8041A02.Driver management software: Harmony. Comply with Bluetooth 5.0 technical specifications,Support 10m to 20m ultra-long distance transmission, stable and strong signal, dual mode, very low power consumption.


Product Name: Bluetooth adapter

Color: Black

Size: 21* 16 * 5mm

Manufacturing method: Semi mechanical

Material: Metal, plastic


1. The BR8041A02 chip is adopted, which truly conforms to the Bluetooth 5.0 technical specifications and dual-mode transmission.

2. Longer transmission distance: 10m-20m ultra-long transmission distance (no barrier), strong signal.

3. More stable transmission rate: 3Mbps transmission rate, providing high-speed file and audio data transmission.

4. Harmony driver management software is easy to use, powerful, and supports multiple application extensions (Microsoft OFFICE software).

5. Ultra-low latency ultra-fast link, intelligent sleep wake-up energy saving, 24-bit CRC check to resist interference, adaptive frequency hopping to reduce crosstalk.

6. Completely backward compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.2 specifications.

7.USB2.0 interface is more versatile, ultra-mini body is portable

Product specification

1. Pr transmit power + 10DBM (Class II)

2. Sensitivity -90dBm 0.1%

3. Speed 3Mbps

4. Protocol standard V 5.0 protocol

5. Support system Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10

6. USB expansion port USB2.0

7. Product features Dual mode transmission V5.0 technology

Applicable scene: Tv, Pc

Package Contents:

1X 5.0 Bluetooth adapter

Note: The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3mm error,thank you.



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