Wireless Pro Joy-Con Game Controller Nintend Switch Console Gamepad Joypad

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Compatible with Switch host and only supports wireless Bluetooth connection.Can be used as an integral handle or as two separate handles.No need to load any driver, the handle and the host through Bluetooth pairing connection can be used.Bluetooth V3.0 wireless connection, strong anti-interference ability, easy control, connection signal stability.Built-in 300 ma polymer lithium battery, it can last about 4 hours after fully charged.


Item type:Gamepads

The handle has a built-in gyroscope for motion sensing.

The left and right handles are equipped with a motor to support vibration.

Multiple wireless controllers can be connected to the host at the same time to play multiplayer games.

Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction

This handle can be connected to the computer via USB cable and updated by software.

Input voltage/current: DC 5V/500mA, working voltage: DC 3.7-4.2v. Operating current: 20-30ma, vibration current: 80-150ma.

Button instruction:1)

1 x HOME key: Power controller on or execute commands from Switch console.

2) 4 x Direction Key: Up, down, left and right. Can be easily operated on eight directions; it acts as a set of function control keys when using a left controller as an independent controller.

3) 4 x Function control keys: A, B, X, Y. Perfect key design, sensitive and quick for finger operation.

4) Left stick and Right stick: Neoteric 3D stick can be operated precisely on 360° all-round.

5) 4 x Functional keys: L1, R1, L2, R2. Quick response.

6) 1 x Screenshot key: Take screenshot and store; it acts “HOME” key when using a left controller as an independent controller.

7) 2 x Reset key: Short press this key in reset hole to power controller off to disconnect controller from console.

8) 2 x Unlock key: Left unlock key and right unlock key. Press and hold the both unlock keys simultaneously to release Switch console.


Platform:Nintend Switch

Connectivity: Wireless

Operating Voltage:DC3.7-4.2V

Working current:20-30mA

USB input voltage / current:DC5V/500mA

Charging time:2H

Using Time:4HSize:44*28*102.6mm

Package Include:

1 xGamepads(Pair)

1 xCharging cable

1 xManual

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